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Here's the Summary Argument I'll be Copy-Pasting on the Issue of Voting for Biden vs Trump.

Who This is For

  1. Anyone who is not literally voting for Trump whatever party affiliation you hold.
  2. "Never Biden" people, whether Democrat, leftist, socialist, independent and so on.
  3. People who want to say "They're all the same" for whatever reason, usually as a default statement - the agnostic equivalent of party-line voting.

Who This is NOT For

  1. People who are already planning on voting for Biden, even if it involves "holding your nose" or "choosing the lesser of two evils."
  2. Trump supporters because if you're still one, you're supporting fascism full stop.

Pull-quotes from LA Times Article on the Positions of Sanders and Biden unless otherwise stated. I'll include stuff I don't like because the argument isn't perfection or even being my preferred candidate, but against the claim that there's no difference between Trump and Biden.

There's a bunch of talk about how Biden and Trump are "both the same" and that voting for Biden is somehow the same moral and ethical action as voting for Trump. This is usually accompanied by claims that Biden "has no positions besides being against Trump" and "represents everything bad about neoliberalism" and so on. They are distinctly different than both the implementation and policies of Trmp. You don't need people to look them up for you to then say "it's only one thing." They're widely available on his campaign site and every major news outlet, Pull-quotes from LA Times Article on the Positions of Sanders and Biden unless otherwise stated. I'll include stuff I don't like because the argument isn't perfection or even being my preferred candidate, but against the claim that there's no difference between Trump and Biden.

No politician "earns" your vote - you're voting for a direction for the country. If you don't want it to be a popularity contest, then don't make it one.

They would be and would be more progressive than Obama's because of the nature of progress.

Biden on the Issues

Most points under each topic will be from Time Magazine and OnTheIssues.org


"Biden has been a vocal critic of Medicare for all, arguing that it would be too costly. Instead, the former vice president proposes building on the Affordable Care Act by offering a public health insurance option that would be financed primarily through higher taxes on capital gains. People could also stay on their employer-based coverage or buy into a private plan on their own.His plan would increase tax credits to ensure no one is spending more than 8.5% of their income on insurance. To lower drug prices, he would allow the federal government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies, and he wants to limit launch prices for drugs that face no competition and to limit price increases for all brand and biotech drugs and high-priced generics to inflation. He would allow consumers to import drugs from other countries, as long as they are certified safe, and would terminate drug companies’ tax breaks for marketing costs."


While the ACA was imperfect, it did make things better and literally saved lives of people I know. I wouldn't have insurance right now if it wasn't for it.

Abortion Rights

"Roe v. Wade is as close to a consensus as we can get.":

Environment, Climate Change, Energy Policy

He would also have a plan for action on the climate while Trmp has been working against that. It wouldn't be as comprehensive as my first choices (Warren, Sanders), but to say they're the same on one of the keystone issues is plain wrong. "The former vice president unveiled a $1.7-trillion plan for climate action that belies his brand of “incremental” progressivism. It doesn’t go as far as Sanders’ plan does, but it is hardly incremental. During the Obama administration, Biden was at the forefront of pushing the world to embrace bolder climate action and the Paris accord on global warming. Faced with a hostile Congress, the Obama White House moved forward with aggressive administration actions aimed at cleaning up power plant emissions and moving the nation’s vehicle fleet toward significantly higher fuel efficiency.Biden recognizes that the Obama plans were ambitious but also that merely picking up where the last Democratic administration left off will not fully address the urgent warnings of climate scientists. He calls for much further-reaching action and argues that his deep experience in diplomacy makes him uniquely qualified to reposition the U.S. as the world leader in confronting global warming."

War & Foreign Policy

  • To be continued - til then, See: President Obama - that's a mixed blessing.

Campaign Finance Reform

Gun Control

"The candidates agree on big gun control policies, including banning the sale of semiautomatic rifles such as the AR-15. After deadly mass shootingsand a mounting " target="_blank suicide toll, they’ve called out " the president and the powerful National Rifle Assn., the gun rights group that spent more than $30 million to help put Donald Trump in the White House.
It’s in the details that differences emerge. In the Senate, where Biden served from 1973 to 2009, he helped lay the foundation for the current background-check system and was one of the main supporters of the 1994 assault weapons ban, which lasted for a decade. Biden had hoped to revive the ban, along with other gun control policies, when he was vice president in the Obama administration, but he was stymied by pushback from Republicans and the NRA. He’s now hoping to give the ban another go as president and require existing owners to register those guns with the government or sell them in a federal buyback program."


"The former vice president supports providing healthcare and creating a pathway to citizenship for all who are in the country illegally and increasing the annual cap on refugees allowed into the United States to 125,000. He proposes allowing local governments to petition for new immigration visas to support economic growth if there are not enough local workers to fill jobs.Biden is a vocal critic of Trump’s call to add to the border wall, but as a senator representing Delaware he voted to fund wall construction, and last year, he said he would support some new funding as part of a deal to provide citizenship to Dreamers.He would not decriminalize unauthorized border crossings or restructure or abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. He has faced pointed criticism from immigrant rights activists over the record level of deportations under President Obama."

Civil Rights

Black/African American Rights and Issues


"Don’t get me wrong, Bernie deserves credit as well. He has been largely consistent in his support of LGBTQ rights, but the question for me is who has the best chance to actually deliver on our priorities if they are elected to the White House. Biden has proven himself to be an effective legislator and dealmaker, and I have no doubt that as President he would reverse the anti-LGBTQ policies of the Trump administration and pass the Equality Act – which includes protections for LGBTQ people ranging from housing to employment and many others."- LGBTQNation.com

Allegations of Mental Issues

As far as "senility" is concerned, you're buying into rumors based on right wing propaganda. We all do it, no one is perfect, but it's a confirmation bias loop you're caught in.

Allegations of Sexual Assault

CONTENT WARNING This part is only for reference, as it's a complex and heated issue.


If you're a Sanders supporter, it is the only chance you'll have to see any of these issues move in that direction in the next four years.

And you don't think if Clinton or Biden or Obama had been in charge during this they wouldn't have done better than Trump?
If you're concerned about the character or also-bad things a presidential candidate has done, I have some very disappointing things to tell you about every single president the United States has ever had.