Healthcare/Symptoms - Do I Have COVID-19?

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Symptom Symptom Description Likelihood of Symptom to appear if sick References
Fever - Fever early on is a distinguishing symptom. High 87.9%  
Dry cough - Dry coughs follow in cases that become moderate or severe. High 67.7% -
Shortness of breath - Shortness of breath is a telltale and dangerous development distinguishing COVID-19 from influenza or a cold. High
Loss of sense of smell Loss of smell or taste not related to sinus issues High 70% Coronavirus: New symptom of virus could be loss of taste and smell, top UK doctor says
Fatigue x 38.1%  
Sputum production 'Sputum is produced when a person's lungs are diseased or damaged. Sputum is not saliva but the thick mucus – sometimes called phlegm '– which is coughed up from the lungs 33.4%  
Low oxygen levels "Normal oxygen saturation for most persons at sea level is 94 percent to 100 percent; Covid pneumonia patients I saw had oxygen saturations as low as 50 percent." 18.6% Buying a pulse oximeter may be useful for this.
Muscle pain or joint pain x 14.8%  
Sore throat x 13.9%  
Headache x 13.6%  
Chills x 11.4% May including shaking or shivering
Nausea or vomiting x 5.0%  
Nasal congestion x 4.8%  
Diarrhea x 3.7%  
Haemoptysis Coughing up blood 0.9%
Conjunctival congestion Pink Eye 0.8%

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